Have Fun under the Sun: Bilingual Summer Camp!

Embark on an enriching bilingual summer adventure at our camp, where each week is dedicated to a unique theme designed to spark interests and encourage development.

Whether it’s the thrill of competition during Sport Week or the joy of artistic expression in Art Week, there’s something for every camper. Delve into the past during Discovery Week, unravel the mysteries of the universe in Science Week, or reconnect with nature in Nature Week.

Come join us as we explore, learn, and create lasting memories together!

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Active Brain Kids Academy

Our place


Active Brain Kids Academy

Brain Stimulation & Skill Enhancement Academy

At Active Brain Kids Academy, we offer different programs aimed for children between 3,5-14 designed to stimulate their whole-brain development through innovative proven methods in an inspiring place and friendly environment.

The core aim of our academy is to help children develop:

Better Concentration
Self confidence
Better communication
Communication skills
Emotional intelligence

Skills acquired at Active Brain Kids Academy will help your child build a happy and successful future, ready to cope with challenges, successfully solve problems, be positive, authentic, and trust his/her decisions.

Educational center where children grow into happy people

Partnered with


An innovative international educational program

BrainOBrain Program – ISO 9001: 2015 certified institution established in the year 2003. World’s leading kids’ program for self empowerment, operates in 45 countries, more than 1000 successful franchise centres, more than 400,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programmes.

The signature program at Active Brain Kids Academy is the BrainOBrain program aimed at the individual development of children’s intellectual potential, practical skills, and talents among children aged 5 to 14.

By applying proven methods of mental arithmetic, NLP, and VAK methods, in an easy and fun way, the child will develop:

Intelectual potential

The BrainOBrain program monitors the development of children's brains, stimulates it by acquiring knowledge through all the senses, encourages the activation of neurons and the use of both hemispheres of the brain


Mental arithmetic skills

Mental math actually keeps our brains quick and sharp. The brain, like the muscles, gets stronger and more efficient with use. Mental arithmetics has various benefits : it enhances children’s ability to concentrate, It stimulates children’s interest in maths, and is strongly associated with better memory skills.


Effective learning skills

By stimulating the senses and developing motor and mental skills, we encourage children to learn more easily and quickly and challenge their curiosity


Personality development

Brainobrain is a game changing program for your children. The program is a fusion of brain and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming and Personality Development) skills, which is the latest science of human excellence.


NLP consists of using teaching strategies that lead to the improvement of neurons in the face of language perception and learning. The words used in a positive way, lead children to have appropriate reactions to different situations, allowing them to have a more positive outlook on life.

Brainobrain is run by experts in the field of child psychology, education, and mathematics, who have decades of experience in the areas of abacus & mental arithmetic concepts, children empowerment, NLP, and many other human excellence programs.

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Active Brain Kids Academy

Our Classes

BrainOBrain program

Proper development of your child’s brain, intellectual abilities and life skills.


A multi-sensory approach which aims to facilitate children’s learning


Stimulating children’s language potential.

Arts & Crafts

Artistic and creative expression for children of different ages

Cooking Time

Awaken your child’s senses and unlock their learning potential.

Give your child a sense of achievement

Turn your household into a learning environment and playground

Certain skills can be developed with some help from you as parents, simply by giving your children chores according to their age and abilities. This will help you take the load off your mind but more importantly, children will be able to contribute to the household, feel helpful and become more responsible. Download eBook and find out which chores are appropriate for them and how to be more like fun and less like work.


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