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Active Brain Kids Academy

Educational center where children grow into happy people

Dear parents, it is your time to relax, and stop worrying whether your child has too much screen time, whether he/she is active enough and whether he/she will be able to achieve success at school. At Active Brain Kids Academy, your child will be a part of a pleasant environment and an inspiring space. He/she will be able to develop freely, learn, discover his/her talents and grow into a self-confident, creative and smart person.

Our program includes creative workshops where we develop:

Practical skills
Better communication

Skills acquired in Active Brain Kids Academy classes will help your child build a happy and successful future, be ready to cope with challenges, successfully solve problems, be positive, authentic, and trust his/her decisions.

Educational center where children grow into happy people

Partnered with


An innovative international educational program

A big part of the Active Brain Kids Academy Center is the BrainOBrain program aimed at the individual development of children’s intellectual potential, practical skills, and talents among children aged 4 to 14.

By applying proven methods of mental arithmetic, NLP, and VAK methods, in an easy and fun way, the child will develop:

Intelectual potential

The BrainOBrain program monitors the development of children's brains, stimulates it by acquiring knowledge through all the senses, encourages the activation of neurons and the use of both hemispheres of the brain



Different talents are hidden within every child, so we discover them through our work and give children the opportunity to express themselves freely


Effective learning skills

By stimulating the senses and developing motor and mental skills, we encourage children to learn more easily and quickly and challenge their curiosity


Emotional intelligence

BrainOBrain is the only program that uses NLP to develop empathy, respect and mutual understanding among children and allows them to grow into emotionally stable individuals


The BrainOBrain program was created by experts in the field of child psychology, education and mathematics with the aim to discover the hidden potentials of every child and encourage them to become happy and successful people. From now on, your child will also have the opportunity to be a part of a large BrainOBrain family at the Active Brain Kids Academy Education Center in Geneva.

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Find more information on topics which concern all parents, dilemmas that we all think about, and ways to solve certain problems. We have created this blog for you, to be a place for support if you need useful advice.

If you are interested in particular topics and would like us to analyze/cover them in more detail, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Give your child a sense of achievement

Turn your household into a learning environment and playground

Certain skills can be developed with some help from you as parents, simply by giving your children chores according to their age and abilities. This will help you take the load off your mind but more importantly, children will be able to contribute to the household, feel helpful and become more responsible. Download eBook and find out which chores are appropriate for them and how to be more like fun and less like work.


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