English Language Classes

English Language Classes

An innovative English learning program full of fun, interaction, and good manners for comprehensive child’s development


English Language Classes

Peer-to-peer learning builds a stronger learning community

By mixing different levels of English, we want to encourage cooperative and collaborative learning among kids. Peers actively challenge each other; they become empathetic and build a healthy and respectful perception of others, as well as a strong sense of togetherness and collaboration. We have two age groups:

From 4 to 6 years
From 6,5 to 8 years
boy reading a book

Wednesdays are for English

Make your child’s free time fun and useful! Our English classes are held each Wednesday from 9 to 12 pm and 1 to 4 pm.

English Language Classes

Interactive English Language Classes which improve your child’s brain activity

Our goal is to provide an inspiring environment where your child can learn the English language in a fun and interactive way, as an integral part of its development. Kids will not only learn the most widespread language, but they will progressively build their empathy, inclusivity, and mindfulness through:

Speaking and reading activities
Roleplay and theatre
Cooking time
Interactive games
Writing and phonics
raising hands

English learning program which enhances a positive self-concept


Working in small groups allows us to understand each child's personality and support its development in a more specific way.


We teach children to be aware of the differences, to respect and appreciate them. Our reading time is dedicated to diverse stories which teach kids to observe different points of view.


We are using a positive discipline method to encourage more respectful, collaborative, and harmonious relationships with classmates or teachers.

We support feelings of success along the children's learning path


Instead of using generic encouragement with children, such as “Good job”, we use specific compliments to highlight their strengths and keep them going even when they are facing a difficult task. We use phrases like: 

  • “I love the bright colors you chose”
  • “You were determined to learn it even though it was hard”
  • “You are so thoughtful and caring”

We teach children to focus on the effort instead of the outcomes, in order to build their self-confidence and motivation throughout the learning process. 


Meet our English teacher

“Hi, my name is Kim. I have been trained in child psychology, parent-child relationship, family law, human rights, sociology of the child, and juvenile law. My personal core values are education, empathy, and integrity, which I see as the gateway to a better world.

I have extensive experience in communication and have worked in various settings with children of all ages.

As someone who grew up speaking English and French, and who has studied in England, France, and Switzerland, I wish to enrich the younger generation through creative, interactive, and inclusive teaching”.

teacher Kim

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