Interactive English Classes

Interactive English Classes

Stimulating children’s language potential and learning English in a fun and inspiring environment


Interactive English Classes

Half-day English Language Classes which improve your child’s brain activity

Our goal is to provide an inspiring environment where your child can learn the English language in a fun and interactive way, as an integral part of its development. Kids will not only learn the most widespread language, but they will progressively build their empathy, inclusivity, and mindfulness through:

From 4 to 6 years - Intermediate / Beginner
Speaking and reading activities
Roleplay and theatre
Cooking time
Interactive games
Writing and phonics

Wednesdays are for English


Make your child’s free time fun and productive! Our English classes are held each Wednesday from 9 to 12 pm and from 1 to 4 pm.

Interactive English Classes

The way we work and our goals

We value small group work which reinforce the sense of togetherness and collaboration as well as the individuality of each child. Children become familiar with English vocabulary but also with English lifestyle, traditions and history through stories, games and activities.


Meet our English teachers

Deborah Layat

Hi, I’m Deborah and I graduated in English language and literature.

I believe in kind and positive teaching based on tolerance and experience-sharing to help children grow and become blooming adults.

Creativity and open-mindedness are my driving forces. Indeed, my stays in anglophone countries like Ireland, Scotland, Denmark and Netherlands have made me realise that opening up to the world is the key for a happy life.

More than teaching a language, I want to teach the children to be curious and to be willing to discover new traditions, customs and lifestyles.

Loveday Vyvyan Robinson

Hello, my name is Loveday.
I hold a teaching diploma in English and a bachelor’s degree in French and philosophy.

Having been raised in a bilingual, Franco-British family, I always considered that learning languages was a precious element, which must be undertaken from a very young age, because it is during childhood that we is best prepared to know a language.

Since early childhood, I have always loved exploring my imagination; growing up, I applied this curiosity and creativity to English support lessons. I had so much fun teaching that I decided to do it full time after my studies.

Jane Hillary Samosir

Hello! My name is Jane. I am currently finishing up my studies in children’s rights. I’m a firm believer that learning can be fun and playful. That is why I try to create a fun and playful environment in my class. I use games, art and activities to teach my students. To me, learning English was a doorway which lead me on a wonderful journey, one which I am still exploring. I hope that my time with my students will take them to a doorway of their own, so they can find their own adventures!

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