Numicon – Preschool mathematics for kids from 3,5 to 5 years old


A multi-sensory approach which aims to facilitate children’s learning and provide better understanding of abstract concepts

Numicon is a system of flat plastic shapes that was developed by experts from Oxford University. In 2015, it was proclaimed the world’s best educational mathematical method - Education Resources Awards (ERA).

Children learn effectively by being involved


By observing the elements and recognizing their colours and shapes.


By listening to the teacher's mathematical instructions and answering questions.


With motor movements, touching shapes and creating forms.


For our youngest

We use Numicon with groups of children from 3,5 to 5 years old, called Clovers. This program helps early age children become familiar with the world of numbers in an easy and fun way, as well as acquire mathematical skills necessary for future school success and advancement to the BrainOBrain program.


Enhance children’s fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and logical thinking

Apart from working on children’s mathematical skills, we dedicate some time during each Numicon class to additionally enhance children’s fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and logical thinking through various fun activities, such as:

memory games
finger painting
making figures from play-dough
creating with beads


By giving children at an early age physical objects to play with, they become familiar with shapes and can more easily visualize and link them to abstract concepts.

How does Numicon work?

Numicon covers the entire field of numbers, basic arithmetic operations, and different mathematical patterns. This helps children to understand maths through:


Numicon shapes give children an image of what a number looks like. By repetitively finding shapes that match numbers, and by stacking them on the pegboard, children begin to notice connections between these numbers.


By putting Numicon shapes into a sequence, from the smallest to the largest number or vice versa, children become familiar with concepts such as “more than/less than”, and learn the language of size, order, and positioning, all while playing.


Choosing various shapes to count how many holes they have and comparing their sizes, helps children find out which number each piece represents. As a result, they begin to understand the order of numbers.


Numicon shapes help children understand simple addition and subtraction. By adding and taking away shapes that represent each number in the sum, children are given the opportunity to count and learn at their own pace.


A way of learning that emphasizes three key aspects of doing maths

Communicating mathematically
Exploring relationships between objects
Solving problems in everyday life
math tree

Numicon helps to prepare children for school

Lots of children struggle to understand the concept of numbers, the connection between them, and the physical quantity that each number represents. This can often cause nervousness about numbers and result in a possible aversion to maths. Numicon helps children understand connections between numbers and the values they represent from an early age, which provides a foundation for learning mathematics with confidence throughout their education.

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